Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Daily Leave-On Mask

The formula vanishes instantly into skin, allowing acne medicine to absorb deep down to pores, killing acne-causing bacteria. It keeps working all day, targeting both your breakouts and controls the acne forming under the surface of your skin. When used daily, this dermatologist-recommended acne treatment will help keep breakouts away, so you can control your stubborn acne, all without over-drying skin.

Unlike traditional masks, this acne face mask does not need to be washed off. Instead, you leave it on your skin, allowing the acne medicine to work hard hour after hour. And its vanishing formula is designed to look invisible so you can use under your face moisturizer or makeup.

Use as directed.

  • 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide acne medication
  • Gentle enough for daily AM/PM use