About Us


It all started in 2000 when...

our founder had a vision for African women to have access to safe cosmetics, access to authentic hair care products, have beautiful skin and have the best scents. The African woman didn’t have to fly to Selfridges to get a perfume or didn’t have to go to New York to get authentic human hair. Eve & Nico bridges that gap so that women and men can have access to beauty products without breaking the bank.

Eve & Nico’s humble beginnings are in a small corridor shop, shop no:8 at Pioneer Shopping Mall on Kampala Road, Uganda. It’s amazing to see how much a small shop has transformed the lives of many women and men and over the years grown into four independent branches in the best and busiest malls in Kampala.

International shop with a local touch

Men's skin & hair care, colognes and aftershaves

With a wide range of men’s skin care, after shaves, and colognes, we have established ourselves as the leading store in carrying over 1000 categories of men’s products. Skin care is our speciality and there’s something for every one who walks into any of our stores.

Kids skin & hair care

We understand the sensitivity of kids’ skins and with our expertise, we are able to recommend safe and healthy products for kids with both normal and sensitive skins. Our kids products are known brands, with safe ingredients and, they range from eczema treatment, bath gels, lotions and creams for dry skins, to hair products for all sorts of hair textures.

Complimentary consultation

Our staff is well trained and they are the client’s skin and hair ‘partner’. With their expertise, our staff is able to recommend products based on an individual’s skin. Personalization is vital to our work and it’s our duty to give you the best for your skin.

Distributorship & Agency

Eve & Nico Beauty Stores is the sole Distributor for QEI+ Paris products and Nutriclair Products in East Africa.

When people feel beautiful it translates into their every day life and this is the dream and passion behind Eve & Nico Beauty.